ROLY flashship 3LCD laser projector

-Brightness: 6000lm

-Resolution:XGA (1024x768)

-Display Technology: 3LCD

-World’s First 3LCD Fully-enclosed Structure Design

-Professional Dust Prevention

-Internal Circulating Cooling System


High Contrast 3000000:1
Smart Fan

World’s First 3LCD Fully-enclosed Structure Design

ROLY laser projector has the IP6X level of enclosed light machine structure. It can block dust from entering without the need of using a filter, thus prolonging the internal optical elements service life.

Professional Dust Prevention

ROLY projectors can completely isolate dust and solve the serious problem of light attenuation. Test results suggest ROLY projectors can isolate up to 0.01 µm of dust*

*Filter projector can only isolate dust up to 10 µm.

Professional Dust Prevention

Low picture brightness attenuation

ROLY dares to promise providing stable picture brightness performance based on our extreme testing. After 10,000 hours of usage, the brightness of other brands' images may be reduced by 50%. ROLY laser projectors ensure that the brightness of the images is reduced by less than 20%.

Low picture brightness attenuation

Internal Circulating Cooling System

ICCS technology uses the enclosed cooling principle - the external cooling system and the internal loop cooling system, which keeps the internal optical system having a good constant temperature environment.

Internal Circulating Cooling System

Ultra-powerful color filtration function

According to the screen display effect and the requirements of color presentation, it can filter the undesired colors during the mixing process of the blue, green and red colors. It then can increase the color purity, making color more accurate and finer picture quality.

Ultra-powerful color filtration function

Lens Shift Function

360° free and flexible installation function

Corner Keystone Correction

Auto Image Rotation


  • Brightness

  • Resolution
    XGA (1024x768)

  • LCD panel
    0.63" x3 (4:3)

  • Light source
    Laser diode

  • Light source life
    Normal:20000hr. ECO:25000hr

  • Contrast

  • Lens
    F1.6~2.2, f=16.09~25.75mm,Manual zoom (1.6x),Manual focus

  • Screen size

  • Throw distance

  • Lens Shift
    Vertical: +45% (Manual),Horizontal: ±10% (Manual)

  • Keystone Correction
    Vertical: ±40º (Auto, Manual),Horizontal: ±15º (Manual)

  • Noise
    Normal mode: 37dB,Eco mode: 29dB

  • Projection method
    Ceiling/floor,front/rear (Auto Image Rotation)

  • Power supply
    100-240V AC (50/60Hz)

  • Power Consumption
    460W max (≤ 0.5W when Standby mode set to Eco)

  • Dimension (WxHxD)
    545 x 128 x 345mm (not incl. protruded part)

  • Weight