ROLY projector is the perfect partner for Panoramic restaurant in Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Malaysia
Grand Ion Delemen Hotel is nestled in the Genting Highlands of Pahang, located at 1,828 meters above sea level, an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. The Hotel offers views of the sea of clouds and mountains of the Titiwangsa Range. ROLY strives to create a panoramic restaurant at the Hotel, with a total of 3 dining room, each room can accommodate up to 30 guests. The whole project uses a total of 30 ROLY laser projectors; 13 units of RL-6000U and 17 units of RL-6000UT.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the panorama restaurant has been promoted to be luxury experience. Panorama Restaurant is an innovative application of "Technology + Restaurant". It creatively applies technologies such as unpredictable holographic projection and naked eye 3D to the restaurant. It combines sound, light, electricity and dance effects to bring new audiovisual effects to the restaurant.

Source: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel FB

The panoramic restaurant of Grand Ion Delemen Hotel hopes to reduce the cost of equipment, but also hopes to maintain the stability of the equipment for a long period of time. The interior environment of all restaurants usually affected by kitchen’s dust and oil fume. There is no other brand projector in the market can effectively isolate such tiny dust.

In response to this problem, the Hotel chose our ROLY laser projector. ROLY special 3LCD fully enclosed structure design has dustproof level of up to IP6X, which can effectively isolate the oil smoke and dust in the restaurant. Also, the closed design also saves the labor and material costs of general projectors of replacing filters.

Other than the problem, ROLY Laser Projector can improve the purity of the color, make the color more precise, and the picture quality more delicate through the super color filtering technology. With 3LCD display technology, the projected picture will feel more vivid, vivid and colorful. In the application of large-scale exhibitions, the picture will be clearer, more delicate, brighter, and the colors more expressive.

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In the cooperation between the Hotel and the engineering team, considering the uncertainty of the actual projection on the dining table, the problem of straight installation can be solved by using the 360-degree installation function of the projector, but still need to consider the sense of space pressure brought by the projector. ROLY unique zoom short-focus lens (0.68-0.80) can effectively solve the uncertainty during installation, because the characteristics of the zoom can be flexibly adjusted after the ceiling is fixed. On the other hand, it also solves the high requirements of the hotel for enhancing customer experience.

After the perfect completion of this case, the panoramic restaurant of Grand Ion Delemen Hotel successfully projected gorgeous and colorful pictures on the walls and on the dining table.
Before customers taste the special Malaysian cuisine coconut milk rice, the funny animated villain makes a delicious meal in front of the customers, and the humorous animation effects make the customers laugh. Customers not only enjoy the traditional Malaysian cuisine, but also experience the new audiovisual surprise.