ROLY sets new heights with new A-series laser projectors

Edit: Hanson Yu

Following the launch of ROLY ’s fully enclosed 3LCD flagship model that surpassed market demand last year. The market is again looking forward ROLY to launch a new model to exceed their expectation - ROLY A series.

The World’s smallest and lightest laser projector

In just a few years after the launch of laser projectors, major manufacturers were unable to reduce the size of the projector due to the laser light source and the cooling effect.
ROLY has an extraordinary research spirit, and once again broke through the technical threshold, and has truly developed the smallest and lightest laser projector on the market, which is more convenient to install or carry.

*The smallest and lightest refers to the comparison results of 4000 to 5000 lumens brightness laser projectors globally as of August 2019.

Taiwan First 3LCD Export - ROLY

At present, most domestic brands on the market use DLP technology. ROLY has grown against the wind by specializing in 3LCD technology, the real Taiwanese 3LCD brand.

Compared with DLP technology, the color brightness of 3LCD technology is equal to the white brightness. The color of the projected image is brighter. It also has a higher level of gradation reduction ability, and the color performance is more natural. The most important thing is that 3LCD technology will not have color separation problems like DLP technology, and the visual experience is more complete.

ROLY Chameleon Color Richness Technology

In addition to the advantages of 3LCD technology, ROLY's exclusive research and development of chameleon technology makes the colors more fully and truely. Exclusive technology adjusts the color gamut performance in ROLY's new models, which can reach more than 70% of the NTSC standard (wide color gamut). The degree of color reproduction has also been greatly improved. Red is more realistic and vivid, and green is more natural. The blue part is also more layered, matching the advantages of the laser blue light source. The overall technology is like the chameleon can accurately and quickly display its protective color when it is affected by the environment.

Presentation Mode

The disadvantage of 3LCD technology is that the black and white contrast will be inferior compare to DLP technology, and the text performance is also unsatisfactory. Knowing the technical disadvantages, ROLY provides a presentation mode specially designed for education and conferences, and especially upgrades the black and white contrast performance to the same level as DLP technology, allowing users to achieve the best of color and contrast in ROLY projectors.

The new A-series includes 2 models of 4000 lumen: A400X and A400W; 3 models of 5000 lumen: A500X, A500W, A500U. 7 new products have comprehensively expanded the ROLY laser projection product line to cover and meet the broader needs of the projection market. The rich features further enhance the uniqueness of the product, which can be called a brand-new product with extremely high cost performance.