MADE IN TAIWAN! ROLY laser projector develop first 3LCD Fully-Enclosed Engine to solve dust problem

ROLY, who has been cultivating in the projector industry for many years, has been committed to the development of dust-proof projectors in the past two years. After the unremitting efforts and numerous experiments of dozens of expert teams, 3LCD Fully-Enclosed Engine and ICCS (Internal Circulating Cooling System) has been finally developed.

All kinds of dust were flying in the air, especially fine dust, chalk dust, smog, sand and so on. Most of them were below 8um, and the smallest was only 0.1um. Not only dust is easy to cause obstacles to the human respiratory system, affecting life and health, but also harming electronic equipment.

Dust has three ways to harm a projector:
1) lifetime of the projector.
Dust affects heat dissipation, which will greatly reduce the life of the projector over time
2) the damage to components.
Dust can easily enter the optical path system, which is likely to cause a jam in the process of use.
3) color and brightness performance.
It is easy to be attracted to the color wheel and light source, causing uneven color and speckle problems in the projected picture.

3LCD Fully-Enclosed Structure Design

ROLY laser projector has the IP6X level of enclosed light machine. The structure from the light source, light machine to the circulating cooling air channel are using fully-enclosed design, effectively isolating ingress of dust, ensuring the projector’s picture quality and stability, increasing the service life and creating a real fully enclosed laser projector.

Internal Circulating Cooling System

ICCS technology uses the principle of closed heat dissipation. This system is divided into an external cooling system and an internal circulation cooling system. The external system and the internal system generate a potential energy difference through an intermediate cooler.
Since the internal circulating heat dissipation system is completely isolated from the outside, it can ensure a good constant temperature environment for the internal optics to work. Avoid the impact of dust and other factors in the external environment, thereby ensuring the stability of the projector performance, and avoiding the cost of parts and labor for maintenance operations. These are the most direct benefits this design brings to end users and joining partners.

Nowadays, more and more universities and enterprises have incorporated dust prevention into their core assessment indicators, and they have paid special attention to dust prevention, which is behind the urgent needs of the real environment. ROLY laser projector with new dust-proof design and super-dust-proof performance is bound to be an ideal choice to deal with the harsh environment of dust.