3LCD Laser Projection Pioneer, ROLY lands at InfoComm China 2019

From July 17 to 19, 2019, InfoComm China 2019, an annual event in the professional audiovisual field, was successfully held at the Beijing National Convention Center. As a platform for the concentrated display of innovation and technological achievements, related companies have also come up with "killers" that are different from other brands. In the field of projection, ROLY made a heavy landing as the leader of 3LCD laser projection.

ROLY booth: CB3-01-B

In the face of the increasingly homogeneous competition in the projection market, ROLY chose an unusual technical route: when most brands followed the "laser + DLP" solution, ROLY will look on the combination of "laser + 3LCD".

High brightness, long life, and low maintenance make lasers undoubtedly the future trend of projection display; 3LCD is recognized in the industry as having better color performance, which can make the picture closer to the real and the picture quality clear and gorgeous. The combination of the two is an inevitable choice for ROLY to have both new light sources and picture quality advantages.

Driven by innovative research and development, ROLY also launched the independently developed 3LCD fully-enclosed structure and internal circulation cooling system (ICCS) in the industry. Filter-Free. The optical engine is fully-sealed, which further prevents pollutants from entering. Even fine dust of 0.1 μm cannot penetrate, which is very effective. Thus, reduces maintenance costs and increases service life.

The technology has obtained national patents, which not only can effectively protect the internal optical components of the machine, ensure that the imaging effect is not compromised in long-term use, but also effectively reduce the labor and capital investment costs of later maintenance, making the projector usable in dust and haze weather.

In fact, the quality and durability of ROLY projectors have been verified in practical applications. ROLY projector is installed on the observation platform in the Taipei 101. It has been used continuously for more than 12 hours a day. After more than 2800 hours of inspection, the brightness and color of the screen are still beautiful. More important is ROLY projector eliminated the trouble of replacing the filter once every three months and replacing the light bulb once every six months. Overall, ROLY projector help Taipei 101 reduce maintenance costs, and effectively avoids the interference of maintenance operations on normal operations.

ROLY has formed a full product line coverage for various applications in the fields of education, business, and engineering, which can meet users' diverse application program requirements. ROLY advances with strong independent research and development strength, and adds new momentum to the blossoming projection display market.