ROLY joins hands with Colorwin to enter ISE 2019 to test our new laser projector

At 2019 Integrated System Europe (ISE) exhibition in Amsterdam, it was very honored to be invited by rave av platform to have a chance to introduce new products.

The 2019 Integrated System Europe came to an end in a passion. At this exhibition, ROLY/Colorwin brought new products with original technology. The exclusive 3LCD fully enclosed in the product is a structural design that effectively overcomes the dust problem. The new technology has undergone severe environmental tests. The data shows that after 10,000 hours, the brightness of the screen of our brand projector has only declined by less than 20%, and the brightness of other brands' brands may have declined more than 50%. The original technology is very effectively on dust prevention, which guarantee the reduction of maintenance for user.

In response to the size of the booth, ROLY/Colorwin also brought high-quality Japanese-made short-focus zoom lenses that perfectly match WUXGA (1920 X 1200). The lens has a high light transmittance, and the light attenuation is reduced by only 8% compared with the standard lens. The lens is unique and perfect for different exhibition environments.